Student Recitals
At the Academy for the Arts, we consider recital performance an essential element in the development of our talent. The recital is also a wonderful opportunity for friends and family to celebrate what the students have learned, and it’s an incredibly affirming time for the students themselves. For these reasons, we consider the recital a requirement for the overall artistic experience. The student will come prepared to perform a specific piece(s) assigned by their teacher, usually from memory. The recital date is posted at the beginning of the term to give family and friends plenty of time to calendar the event. There are no excused absences, and failure to participate will jeopardize the student’s continuation at the academy. Please make it a priority to attend this wonderful event each term.

Each term tuition includes Recital Week.  Click here for Recital Week dates.

Faculty Recitals
Two times a year our faculty performs for our students, their parents and the general public. Students are required to attend at least one of these each year.