Your safety is our priority. Please adhere to all policies and procedures to insure a safe environment.

No child under the age of 12 (whether student or sibling) may be left without adult supervision in the Academy or other areas of First Baptist Church of Asheville.

Students over the age of 12 may be dropped off and picked up in the AFTA family lounge by an adult or authorized sibling over the age of 16. Students 12 and over can be released if an authorization form is completed.

Students are expected to check in and check out with the receptionist for each lesson. For security reasons, if a student is late for any lesson for any reason without notification, academy personnel may call the parents to verify the child’s whereabouts.

Parents and children should wait quietly in the Academy for the Arts family lounge.

The Academy reserves the right to use photos and videos taken in classes and at academy events for promotional materials, unless otherwise denial is put in writing upon registration.

The Academy has completed a background and security check on all faculty.